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Living House in Outdoor
Living House in Outdoor

Temporary Living House for Big Activities

Providing temporary living space in big activities, like music festival,Outdoor sports etc.
Temporary Living House for Big Activities

Product features:

1.Temporary living house designs with required equipment providing

2.The house is made from HDPE, which is safe, odourless and 100% recycle using. 

3.2 Hours easy installation

4.Repeated assembly and diassembly with special patents 

5.Mouldar designs for creating your flexible space

6.Add-on accessories providing personalized demand

6.1 Add-on windows and skylight provide nature light

  6.2 Add-on doors for easy access.

7. Architectural details (100% Weather resistant, UV-protected, Waterproof, Heat&cold Insulation, Anti-rot,Anti-aging, Well Ventilated, Minimal Maintenance etc.) 

Product Specifications

External Dimensions:
1 RoomL1160*W2260*H2500mm
2 RoomL2230*W2260*H2500mm
3 RoomL3310*W2260*H2500mm
4 RoomL4380*W2260*H2500mm

Internal Dimensions:
1 RoomL1040*W2120*H2240mm
2 RoomL2120*W2120*H2240mm
3 RoomL3190*W2120*H2240mm
4 RoomL4270*W2120*H2240mm

1 Room175Kg
2 Room260Kg
3 Room340Kg
4 Room445Kg



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