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Cervical spine care and rehabilitation health knowledge lecture

2022-12-12 超级管理员 本站 204

For over 10 years, Toppla always adhere to the mission of “Making life more convenient and environmental friendly”. Toppla create products with sustainability philosophy to make people’s life better. In the meantime, Toppla regularly hold various activities to bring humanistic care to their staff. Today, let us see the cervical spine care and rehabilitation health knowledge lecture.


On 26th November, Toppla invited the lecturer Chen zhenwei from Xiamen sports training center. On the lecture,lecturer Chen firstly told the importance of the health. Also remind the people should keep healthy life habit and the state of mind. Besides, the common symptoms of cervical spondylosis, the causes of the disease, the types of cervcal spondylosis, the treatment of cervical spondylosis and other problems are explained in details.


In the lecture, lecturer Chen has breaken down movement and physical therapy. Under the teacher’s personal demonstration, people learn the cervical spondylosis health exercises.The atmosphere of interactive learning is very strong. The people recognize the importance of the cervical health. People will actively do a good job of cervical spondylosis health and prevention in the future work and life. In the same time Develop a healthy lifestyle with a positive outlook and a strong body to get better into the work of the company!


Finally, hope all of us In daily work and life must pay attention to how you sit, how you sleep, how you walk. Appropriate exercise, regular life, develop good living habits!



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