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Spread safety culture, and adhere to safety in production.

2022-12-05 超级管理员 本站 150

After the release of the new safty production law, With the help of resources provided by Xiamen General Workers Union, our company has invited a teacher from Technician College to teach the staff the safety knowledge. 

From the end of October to December, a series of safety knowledge courses will be carried out.

In accordance with the way of "division of labor, stratification and post", we continued to carry out more than ten periods of safety knowledge teaching. 

The purpose is to make the staff familiar with and understand the safety production policies and regulations, to master the basic knowledge of safety production, to be familiar with the job responsibilities and safety operation knowledge, and improve the ability to prevent accidents. 

The teachers explained the importance of safety by analyzing the cases.

Such as the illegal operation of equipment accidents, illegal operation during mold replacement, dust explosion accidents, as well as accident liability identification and handling suggestions.

These cases make us shocked, in the meanwhile, they can give us a wake-up call. 

Only when the alarm bell rings, can we nip it in the bud.

At the same time, it also shared the response of work safety emergency management, first aid for mechanical injury, first aid for electric shock, emergency measures for fire accidents, etc. 

So the effect of emergency rescue ability has been improved, because the emergency rescue is more reasonable, more scientific, more operable, 

The company has been adhering to the implementation of safety production knowledge training target. Every employee is required to receive safety education training. 

Since June, we have hold fire drill, safety knowledge Q&A activities, put up the safety production poster, and holden the safety knowledge training for all staff. 

Safety education is an important part of safety production in enterprises. Adhere to the safety education system, let everyone have a deeper understanding of the importance of safe production, enhance the awareness of prevention, improve the ability to prevent accidents, and jointly create a safe environment. 



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